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Chateau Yveline


The origin of the property dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, it was a farm where the cultivation of the vine was marginal and gave way to the cultivation of vegetables and the breeding of animals. The Durand family has gradually devoted its activity to the production of wines.
André Durand, Christian Durand’s grandfather, died prematurely in 1927. His widow, with the help of her mother, decided to take care of the property, so that it remained in the family. She then gave the name of the château in honor of these two children: Yves and Jacqueline… Château Yveline was born.

The presence of the coat of arms, as well as the choice of the pink color date from 1924, the year of creation of the first label by André Durand. If the coat of arms is in itself quite classic, because representative of the Bordeaux and Aquitaine emblems, the adoption of pink at that time (and still now) was a graphic astonishment and contributes to the identity of Château Yveline.


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