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Pannonian Pearl Pet Nat


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Fruska Gora


Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurtztraminer



Tasting notes

The wine is extremely fresh and easy to feel on the nose, followed by a complex of Sauvignon varietal notes from herbal to fruity.

Pairs with

Freshly shucked oysters!

(v) = Suitable for Vegetarians      (vg) = Suitable for Vegans

About Deurić

A young winery, located on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora. It is situated on the meeting point between moderate continental climate and sub-continental climate. Numerous factors such as a position, shape, rainfall, dominant winds and lush vegetation influence and create a specific local climate.

Fruska Gora explained

The Fruška Gora hill runs approximately 80 kilometers east to west and its highest point is 539 meters. It’s flanked to the north by the Danube River. Most of the hill lies within Serbia’s borders, but a tiny portion of the western end is in Croatia. Vineyard soils are multilayered and full of minerals which provides robustness and complexity in the wines. On the surface the soil is alluvial. There are several layers of clay and limestone where plant roots reach fossilized segments of shell and coral deposited by Pannonian sea sediments.

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