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Plum Brandy Emperus 12 YO


EMPERUS 12 is a precisely balanced blend of exactly 12 distillates, which were aged in casks made of oak, produced from autochthonous varieties of plums – rankovača, zezegača, delječa, blackplum, whiteplum and broom, from 12 different years. Thanks to its heterogeneity, the EMPERUS 12 color flows vividly from olive to dark brown, with multiple shades and is distinguished by the 12 most desirable features that a plum toast can have: old, clear, fragrant, calm, elegant, characterful, harmonious, striking, impressive , powerful, dominant, unforgettable.

Product Details





Aged for 12 years in barrel.

Tasting notes

Old, clear, fragrant, calm, elegant, characterful, harmonious, impressive, impressive, powerful, dominant, unforgettable.

(v) = Suitable for Vegetarians      (vg) = Suitable for Vegans


Emperus’ mission is promoting Serbian šljivovica all over the world and placing it where it belongs – alongside the world’s most famous spirits. They are the first distillery in Serbia that went through the entire process of certification of its product’s geographical indication and we are proud that Emperus Šumadijska šljivovica is the first rakija with a certified geographical indication in Serbia.