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Svb Rosa


Color: Deep, dark purple which almost becomes black in color with purple and black reflections.
Vintage 2007
On the nose you can sense aromas of blackberry, leather, truffles, pine tree, tar, asphalt and red pepper.
On the palate after a brief decanting it opens up beautifully, it is very complex, strong structured velvety tannins, dark chocolate, mint, cherry brandy, violets and long aftertaste.

Product Details





Cabernet Sauvignon, Prokupac



Tasting notes

Aromas of plum jam, red forest fruits, dark chocolate, herbal, paprika. On the palate posses vegetable notes, sweet red peppers and creamy elegant strong tannin structure.

Pairs with

Beef steaks or lamb chops. 

(v) = Suitable for Vegetarians      (vg) = Suitable for Vegans

About Vino Budimir

Vino Budimir wine estate is located in the Župa region, in the central part of Serbia. It is one of Serbia’s most important pre-Phylloxera wine regions. Traditional winemaking practices have been passed on for generations in our family. That spirit of preserving the old values is intrinsically related to the recent re-birth of our winery. We are the fourth generation of our family exclusively cultivating vines and producing wine. Our old vineyards are situated above the Monastery Drenča on the slope called Gubovac.

Župa explained

Župa is also one of the world’s oldest viticultural regions. Historical evidence confirms that vine cultivation here started with the Ancient Greeks and continued ever since.