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Matalj Winery was founded on the foundations of a centuries-old tradition of growing vines in Negotinska Krajina, with the aim of continuing the production of top-quality wine with the seal of the climate. The Mladenović-Matalj family has been engaged in the production of top quality grapes and wine for several decades, and since 2007, the project to restore old vineyards and expand the capacity of the cellars began. Our philosophy in wine production boils down to simply preserving the characteristics of the grapes in the wine we get from our vineyards.

Currently, Matalj Winery cultivates its 20 ha of vineyards within three vineyards in the region of Negotinska Krajina. The Kremen, Terasa and Bukovo vineyards represent a special micro unit with their specificities in terms of soil and climate and form the basis of our production and our quality. The new modern cellar at the Bukovo location in the vineyard itself can process and produce 200,000l of the highest quality wine.

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