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Winery Lakicevic


Lakićević Winery produces exclusively organic grapes and outstanding-quality wine, recognized internationally with awards from fairs and competitions. The first vineyards were planted in 2013 on the former territory of the Banjska Monastery, where grapes have been historically grown since the early Middle Ages.

An exploratory approach led the winery on an unforgettable journey during which it planted 32 different grape varieties. The resulting experiences strengthened the connection to other famous areas – the risk of late spring frosts like in Chablis, the selective-strong influence of a year like in Bordeaux, dry white wines like in Pfalz, and a long vegetative season that allows for ripe red grapes like in the Loire Valley.

Grapes are grown with sparse rainfall (under 600 mm per year), a high number of Growing Degree Days, cold nights due to the altitude between 450 and 550 meters a.s.l., acidic soils of different textures, and varied topography: from flat clay plots to rocky slopes.


Winery Lakicevic, available at NIKO


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