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Hercegovačka Žilavka


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Bena, Zilavka



Tasting notes

The wine has an intense and complex aroma of vineyard peaches, Herzegovinian herbs, full flavor and distinctly mineral character with a fruity and spicy finish.

Pairs with

Roast pork or turkey. 

(v) = Suitable for Vegetarians      (vg) = Suitable for Vegans

About Podrumi Vukoje

The winery relies on modern technologies, controlled fermentation processes and traditional methods of aging wine in oak barriques in cellars located eight meters below the surface. Production is exclusively focused on quality, as is evident in the numerous awards they have won. They have won over 150 gold medals at domestic and international wine competitions and in the past, they have won 10 gold and silver medals at the most significant and officially the largest world wine competition AWC Vienna 2015. They were declared the best national producer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia-Herzegovina explained

The wine making region of Herzegovina has a Mediterranean climate with summer temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The soil of the region is dry and stony, and the landscape is mainly made of karst. For this reason, drought is an ever-present challenge for wine makers.The main treasure of Herzegovina is the Zilavka white grape. The name of the grape means strong roots because its roots run so deep that it can cope with the lack of water in a drought and in soaring temperatures. The region is also known for the growth of Blatina, but this is far more difficult than only the female flowers.

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