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Podrumi Vukoje


“Podrumi Vukoje 1982” has been engaged in the limited production of premium wines and alcoholic beverages for four decades.

The winery relies on modern technologies, controlled fermentation processes and traditional methods of aging wine in oak barrique barrels in cellars located eight meters below the surface of the earth. Our production is exclusively focused on quality, as evidenced by numerous awards from the country and abroad.

They have won over 150 gold medals at domestic and international wine competitions, and in the past six months alone, they won 10 gold and silver medals at the most significant and officially the largest world wine competition AWC Vienna 2015, and were declared the best national producer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the same year, at the headquarters of the Foundation of Sommeliers of Italy in Rome, and on the recommendation of the Association of Sommeliers of Italy from Tuscany, the Vranac and Žilavka wines from this cellar were tasted, winning on that occasion the most important trophy for the quality of wines from autochthonous varieties

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